BGI Games

The mission of BGI is to design and sell unique games suitable for both the living rooms of family game night and the classrooms of the modern educator.  You can read more about our mission here.  Below are BGI’s two original games.  These have been created, designed and tested.



GoldBars is a family party game for up to 10 players of all ages. Designed as a teaching game, GoldBars is an original card game that is a great addition to your lineup.  Read more about the game or BUY IT below for $11.95!


Tournament of Might

Tournament of Might can be played by any number of players at the same time as long as each player has their own army. The goal of the game is to score the most Might.  With our various editions you can mix it up to have Germans square off against Zombies!  Read more about the game or BUY IT below!