Our Mission

PLAY, in its broadest sense, is a tool we use to learn and practice skills in a controlled and safe environment.  GAMES are collections of goals, rules, cards, tokens, etc. used to define this controlled and safe environment.  A major component to a game is the inclusion of the enjoyment factor. A game based on fear would require compulsory participation. A game that is enjoyable will be shared with others.   A good game designer needs to balance the learning goals with the enjoyment factor.  The game industry is full of companies that focus on enjoyment. There are also several companies that are in the educator support industry but designing games that teach is only a small part of what they do.  BGI wants to maximize both the learning factor and the enjoyment factor of game design.

The BGI slogan “Family Games that Happen to Teach!” is the essence of the BGI mission.


BGI Mission