Game Design Junior

Welcome to the World of Board Game Design!

Dear Junior Board Game Designer,

You hold in your hands a game that has been started but not finished.  We would like you to finish making the game and playtest it with your friends and family.

Thank you, Have fun, and be Creative,
Morrel James Muller
Indie Board Game Designer

Get Ready To Create Your Own Board Game!

The Board Game Design Jr. Craft Kit is a coloring and sticker craft project for children 8 to 12. When finished you will have a playable board game!

Your Game Design Jr. Kit Contains:

  • Themed game board
  • Game path stickers
  • Colored markers
  • 2 player pawns
  • Special game dice

How to Make Your Game.

  1. Color in the graphics on your game board and game path stickers.
  2. Plan out the order of your game path before attaching the stickers.
  3. Place the Start and Goal path stickers next to each other.
  4. Place the remaining path stickers on the game board between the start and finish stickers.
  5. Review your path to make sure you can move from the start to the end without getting stuck.
  6. Playtest you new game.
  7. Enjoy playing your custom designed game with friends and family.

Playtesting Your Game:

  • Let the game tester know you are playtesting the game and looking for feedback.
  • Play the game with them.
  • End the playtesting session by asking and recording the following questions.

Playtest Questions:

  • Name of Play tester?
  • Did you have fun playing my game?
  • What did you like best?
  • Any other feedback?

How to Play Your Finished Game.

Goal: Be the first player to reach the end.

Start: Each player places their pawn on the start space.

Taking turns each player:

  1. Rolls the die and moves the number of spaces rolled.
  2. Follow the instructions on this space only, to Move Back, Move Forward, Roll Again, or Skip a Turn.  Just land and stay on this space if there are no instructions.
  3. End your turn.

Designer Level: Beginner

  • Ages: 6 to 12 years old
  • Skills Learned: Planning, Designing, and Playtesting
  • Game Type: Continues Track
  • Genre: Hero Quest

How Can I Buy?

The Game Design Junior Kit is COMING SOON and will be available for sale on our website. The kits retail for $12 + $3 shipping anywhere in the United States.

You can also buy a Party Pack of 10 kits for $99 + free shipping anywhere in the US.

Game Craft Kit