Game Design Junior

A craft project for future board game designers

These craft kits include everything needed to complete and playtest your new game.

Game Craft Kit

Designer Level: Beginner

Ages: 6 to 12 years old

Skills Learned: Planning, Designing, and Playtesting

Game Type: Continues Track

Genre: Hero Quest

Step 1 - Open your Game Design kit

Craft Kit includes:

Themed Game board and path stickers.

2 Player Pawns. ( Randomly selected colors )

10 Colored pencils.

1 Special Game Dice.

Step 2 - Color and Build Your New Game

Color the artwork

Plan the game path

Attach the game path stickers.

Your new game is ready to play!

Gamekit Design

Step 3 - Playtest Your New Game with Family and Friends

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Game Craft Kit