Gamification Consulting

Welcome to our consulting page!  We provide a range of consulting to individuals, startups, education institutions, and established businesses.  Please get in touch with your questions!  There are two primary areas that we focus on that you can read about below.

Branding Corporate Messages

Do you have an upcoming training or exercise that you would like to add a gaming aspect to?  Or perhaps you’re even earlier, starting from scratch and looking for game ideas to match your corporate message or team building goals?  We can work with your business to create memorable training.  Much has been written about the positive effects that gamification can bring to human resources.  We can consult and design such games to meet your goals.  That can include a team-building game, a sales contest, a word search for a new flyer, and so on.  Please contact us for more information.

Game Design & Prototyping Products

Do you have an idea for a great game, but have no idea where to begin?  How do you translate what’s in your mind to the real-world?  What about necessary coding for digital games?  How can you create a prototype board?  Our game design and prototyping products help you skip months to years of trial and error sleuthing.  We currently have Game Planner kits, Game Maker kits, and Design Jr. kits.  If you are a young game designer or an industry veteran there will be something for you in our tool set! 

Easily schedule your consult below and get moving on your ideas!