GoldBars is a simple game of complicated strategy! It is the first really original family card game to hit the market since 1971!  It is also a family party game for up to 10 players of all ages.

  • You score by color or number in groups of 3 or more cards or play the gold bar card for a quick score.
  • Improve your hand and block others by playing your non-scoring cards on their table hand.

GoldBars was designed as a teaching game.

  • Young players learn about basic colors, numbers, and taking turns.
  • As the player ages the goals change to learning about responsibility, practicing communication, and developing basic teamwork skills.
  • Older players develop skills in negotiation, planning, and changing priorities.
  • Adult players enjoy developing strategies to get others to give them the cards they need while giving them the cards they don’t need.

Read more about how to play it here.