Tournament of Might

Did you ever play “War” with a standard deck of cards?  Tournament of Might is like a beefed up version of that game with more options and where more than just 2 people can play!  Tournament of Might has gained popularity at various game meetups and other events.  The game can be played by any number of players at the same time as long as each player has their own army.  The goal of the game is to score the most Might.  Any army can play against any army from any starter deck.  So you could have a match up between WWII Germans and British Zombies!  Make it a multiplayer battle royale by joining in with your own army!

You can currently take command of your army in three Tournament of Might editions:

World War II

Romans and Barbarians

Zombie Invasion

Catch a glimpse of more details and live gameplay in the video below!